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5 Reasons You Need to Throw Your Bra Away

New Year, New Bra, New You. 

Bras and lingerie are a part of my self-care journey. A matching bra and panty set is an immediate mood booster for me on any given day.

In 2010 I landed a full-time job in Nordstom’s Lingerie department while finishing my senior year at Spelman College. I had no idea how life-changing this experience would be. I worked 5 days a week around my school schedule during my senior year and eventually fell in love with lingerie so much that I transferred to 4 different Nordstrom stores and stayed in that department.

During my time in the Lingerie department, I gained a special unique skill, I can look at you and pretty much tell you what bra size you wear. So often women assume they are a 36C or they think 34DD is huge, and believe me that is so far from the truth. I plan to write more blogs about bra fitting and finding the perfect bra. This is the first of the series. Here are FIVE reasons you need to throw your current bra AWAY.

Reason 1: Your bra is riding up your back.

The band of your bra is the foundation of the fit.  Not your straps or not your cups, but the band. If your band is riding up your back it’s not supporting you and you need to throw it away right now! The band of your bra is like your anchor, it should be right at the center of your back in between your shoulder blades. 

Reason 2: Your bra is on the innermost hook

When you purchase a new bra you should always be on the first hooks to show that the band is giving you all the support you need. If you start on the very last hook, you can’t get any wear out of the bra because you can’t make it any tighter as you wear and wash it. It should be on the very outside, the last hook if it is less than a year old. If you are on the Tightest hook and your bra is still loose and unsupportive THROW it AWAY.

Reason 3: You look like you have 4 boobs

Some call this double boob, some call it spillage. If your breasts are spilling over the top of your bra cups or when you put on a t-shirt it looks like you able 4 boobies, it’s time to THROW THAT BRA AWAY!

Reason 4: Your underwire is cutting into your sides or chest

Are you experiencing the wire cutting into your rib cage or under your arms? This could mean the cup of your bra is ill-fitting. It could also indicate that your bra is worn out so the wire is coming out. Time to throw it AWAY.

Reason 5: The tag is no longer visible (wearing it way too much sis)

When you can no longer see the tag for the brand or size, chances are your bra has worn out its welcome. You should have at minimum have two to three bras in rotation during the week. I know some bras are your favorite, trust me I have mine. But sis if the tag is no longer visible it’s time to throw it away. 

Now before you throw it away do yourself a favor and get fitted by a professional for a new bra. 


My favorite places are local professional boutiques or your local Nordstrom.

Leave a comment below if this was helpful! 

Thanks for reading. 

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