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Mother’s Day Blues

I am not sure why this happens to me every Mother’s Day, but I feel the blues coming on.

I still have so much spiritual healing to work on due to trauma during my birth experience and staying in the NICU for almost 6 months. I share this because I know I am not alone in how I feel about Mother’s Day. I would love to say I look forward to it but I do not.

As a single mom, I often feel unseen and unheard by family members and my son’s father. Conversations, activities, parties, phone calls, and gifts are always about my child. And I feel guilty for even wanting a day all about me because I chose Astin. I chose Astin, so I often feel like my invisible load can only be carried by me alone. Last year, I was so depressed on Mother’s day, that I went to brunch with Astin and a friend. And I also went to Target (my favorite place ), it was cold, we were in an uber. I thought it would cheer me up but it made things worse because the store was filled with dads and kids.

I know that no one can read my mind but I felt so unappreciated for all my hard work as a mom. I know Astin is so very young and I am so grateful for my friends who sent flowers and gifts. I was just in this weird space, where I expected a gift or free babysitting day from his dad but instead, it was a weird text message about me choosing to be a single mom and just extra stuff that he could keep. He could have kept the entire message honestly and just sent some coins. And when I mentioned it to him, he said he did not know he was supposed to buy me a gift. And I realized he was right, no one is obligated to gift me something for what I am blessed to do every day.

This year I plan to get rid of the blues and lean into gratitude. I have booked brunch, a staycation in Washington, D.C., and an adventure for Astin and me.

Share in the comments what are you doing for yourself this Mother’s Day!

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