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6 Ways to Support the Infertility Warriors in Your Life

Words from an infertility warrior .

1.Relaxing doesn’t work 🤣. Stop telling women that relaxing makes babies when we also know babies can be born through rape, incest, trauma and more. We also know if mind worked over matter, everyone would have perfect vision and cancer would be eradicated. Be a good supportive friend and know that infertile friends are receiving a lot of stupid advice that are wives tales and hurtful. Ask how you can help and what type of I’m advice they’d like that day.

2. Saying “I can’t imagine what you’re going through” hurts. No, most people can’t imagine and never will. Empathy, not sympathy is needed. If you’re not willing to move with empathy, just don’t contact the friend.

3. Help men around you understand that not all babies are made from sex. Most micro aggressions come from men. Teach your partners, husbands, boyfriends, brothers, and sons, that there are many other ways to make babies – and it’s never their place to ask why or when a baby is coming into someone else’s lives.

4.Stop saying, “it’s just not your time.” Incredibly hurtful when it’s all your heart wants. Again, we don’t tell a 15-year-old rape victim that it’s their time. Conception science is jus that, science. No one is the authority on timing and it shouldn’t be considered when discussing someone’s desires.

5.Get your egg count checked, TODAY. Go to the doctor and ask for bloodwork to check your levels and help you plan for the near or distant future. For many infertile women, their prime time for kids was probably adolescence. Just because your having regular periods doesn’t mean you’ll always have eggs until typical menopause years.


Last one , but certainly not least

– 6. Stack hands with infertile women and advocate for more insurance to cover these needs. Every woman should have the fight to pursue healthcare for reproductive organs just as others do for digestive, respiratory, skeletal, and other systems. It’s already a burden for women to carry the trauma and emotional burden or infertility. Adding a financial burden only makes a difficult time more stressful and less attainable.

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